Friday, February 6, 2009

Time to make the donuts

I have oil burns all over my hands. Put me by a fryer and I'll get burned. So I though glazing, that would be safe right? Nope, you have to pick up hot donuts, more burns. I couldn't even take sweet potato's out of the oven this week without branding my arm. Now that I look back, getting that second degree sunburn in the BWCA was just the beginning of my skin torture (and we won't get into curling irons and the 80's). I figured I better not even look at the tanning bed today or I'd end up in the hospital. But the donuts tasted really good! I can't believe I made donuts... neither can Gracie Pants which is why she's currently sleeping in a butter and sugar coma. I have a feeling I'll be checking her in after danishes tomorrow--if I don't burn myself again.

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