Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Quickfire Challenge

Last week we started learning the art of plating--you know, taking bread pudding and making it look like it's worth 12.95. Big plate, tiny dessert, add a sauce (in artful drips of course), stick chunk of carmel lace and poof, the dessert may now sit under glass at MoMa. I had so much fun--too much and my day turned into a episode of Top Chef, and not in a good way.

We were given to 10:30 to present 2 plates for our group (guess who did this, anyone? anyone? yeah, me) and 4 other desserts on our own. I'm thinking the day is going well, making fruit couli's, spritz cigarette cookies and trying to ensure the mousse we made actually worked and in my super-control-freak-manner needed to be the one to remove our tortes from the ring molds. I just didn't trust the other two yahoos to not ding, dip or peel the acetate properly. Our Strawberry and Opera torte looked fabu! Check, one down, best in the room. I'm so winning this challenge.

I moved on to the individual plating. Since most of the morning was spent with the two mute idiots standing watching me I just did it all. I will give them credit for the garnish on the full strawberry torte--yeah, they can cut and fan a strawberry, talent. I think the plates look great. Check, second and third down, the win is in the bag.

Then I hear those dreaded words... 15 minutes to go. 15 minutes? really? I have to plate 4 other things with 15 minutes. Let's just say those four presentations are not making the blog. I was running, shoving, unmolding, inverting, dusting and saucing my little heart out. I got the plates to the table and only three were worth a photo. There goes the win down the tubes because I didn't watch the clock. Lesson learned. Just wait until next week...

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