Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chef Jailbird

I am taking an online course this semester all about safety and sanitation in the workplace, you're jealous aren't you. During this fun, fun, fun class I get the privilege of posting my thoughts and answers to various questions and conundrums that usually involve feces, bad hygiene and someone having abdominal cramps and possibly vomiting. The best part, I have to participate in class chatter by commenting on at least 2 other peoples posts. Unfortunately this means I have to read their thoughts, comments and often unusual stories. Today I read the best one yet responding to "what would you do if you found a band aid in your food". And I quote...

"I would call that a felony! I have an example from when I was locked up..."

What?! I'm pausing so you can digest, just as I had to while reading it for the first of many times.

" inmate was working the serving line, and he spit in the food of all the CO's that came in for lunch (editorial comment: I love that he automatically assumed we would know the lock-up lingo, CO being correctional officer). They charged him with 6 counts of felonious assault or something like that, anyway he got 5 years for each felony. He only had 60 days left so you can see that if someone puts something in food deliberately and the person who eats it dies that's murder."

Flabbergasted. Talk about getting a little extra education about the law and our correctional system. I love that he went from spitting in food to possibly getting sent up for murder! Astounded. All I want to do is pass this class as quickly and with as little work as possible and now I know the specifics about felonious assault and how many years you can possibly receive. What a bonus!

Mental note: do NOT comment on any of Anthony's stories, let's just stay out of that pool of thought. wow.

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