Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You must be a swimmer!

One of the most embarrassing things ever said to me. Some random "dude", and yes he was a dude, looked at me while hitting on my adorable skinny blond friend and said "man, you must be a swimmer, I mean look at your shoulders!" Now, we were in Kauai and he was a nasty SP (that's stinky person for those of you who don't know my entire short-hand language) who had lost many a brain cell while living the surf-SP life so I shouldn't have taken it to personally. but that was the quickest, most effective way to make me feel like the largest amazon in the room—and not in a good way. pretty. Let's just say that particular halter top came home from vacation and went directly in the good will bag.

This story came to mind after my last 2 weeks at class where we have been hand kneading bread, all day. My upper body is getting quite the workout and I wonder if I my swimmers shoulder's are going to make an appearance again (just in time for swim suit season, yeah!).

Now I am quite possibly the laziest person in the world when it comes to any type of physical activity. I don't like exercise. It's not fun and you usually can't eat or tan while doing it. Little did I know how satisfying kneading bread could be, and what a workout it was. From baguettes to sourdough bread to every possible type of french named loaf I will never be able to pronounce we've made it and it was fun. Who knew I would actually enjoy this type of exercise. I think it's because all that hard work makes an amazing treat for me to eat when it's all said and done. There is nothing better than fresh, warm, artisan bread straight from the oven and torn off with a little butter melting into all the chewy goodness. I can just smell it.

I have 4 more weeks to go and I can't wait to see what shoulders I'll have after all this work. lI wonder if the good will still has that halter top?

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  1. You seemed to tolerate Yoga, at least for a while...