Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Masterpiece

Ok I'll admit it, there are days when my entire goal is to make sure I am the best of the best in the room and I settle for nothing short of crushing everyone's spirit. I've always been this way, I mean who tells their kindergarten class they're dumb because they can't read? This was one of those weeks—dead dough sculpture week in Artisan Bread class. I've been looking forward to this all quarter, my own personal coupe du monde (world pastry cup).

I had (in the words of Jodi) "myself a fine time—a fine time." I created a 3-D representation of Forrest Gump, the only requirements were for it to be 12 inches tall, have both live (with yeast) and dead dough and have cutouts. I think I hit the high points... what do you think? My personal triumph were the shrimp shaded with paprika although the nike's came in a close second.

At one point yesterday the Chef told me there were only so many points I could get. Two classmates told me they hated me and were not going to talk to me the rest of the day. I think I did it, I crushed their spirits and showed them all who the best in the room was. After all not everyone created a spreadsheet with each individual component labeled with color, thickness and finish treatment along with labeled templates—but they will now. I am the ruler of the dead dough sculpture contest.

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  1. Really? Is this truly ALL you're the ruler of? Seriously, CRUSH is an understatement. There is NO end to your talent.