Saturday, June 13, 2009


never have 4 letters given me such joy. I've rediscovered the absolute happiness of the word "what". It's many uses, the many questions or statements it can be a response for and the beauty of communicating something normally laced with profanity or annoyance with one deceptively simple syllable. What?

Used in it's purest form it truly is just a question that means, "hey, I didn't hear or understand what you just said, can you please repeat that?" But thats not really very fun, you're just wasting it.

By the age of 3 or 4 you learn of it's subtle ability to stall a situation. It's way of communicating "I heard what you said, I don't like what you said, I'm going to ignore what you said and feign ignorance." Yeah, we all did it.

Later in life, somewhere in your 30's you learn that it can be used in place of expletives, a way to nicely tell someone they suck and I'm not listening to you again. The beauty is you can do out in the open, in public, without any fear of being looked at like a potty-mouth-crude-white-trash-bad-influence. By perfecting the stalling technique and adding your own little "yeah, I know what you did" look on your face you've completed the transformation to perfection of the word to it's highest level. This is truly the way to say, "yup, I've been F-ed in the A by volunteering to walk in a local parade and now I'm sweating and jingling bells like some street fool and all I want to do is chuck candy at the white trash onlookers". What?

Yeah, you heard me.

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