Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zack Attack

The last few weeks I've had to taste over 289 different quick breads, cookies, pies and tarts—some containing lard (very meaty). Try this flour instead and taste. What does vegan sugar do to flavor (abso-fricken-lutely nothing. Really, if you have a problem because some type of bones were used to grind down your sugar and you can TASTE that contact with bones... bake your own freaking cake, I'm going to go and eat a steak, rare). Organic cream, lard, french butter, goats milk, kefir, raw sugar, whole wheat organic pastry flour, muscavado sugar, honey from the night blooming flugelflower. You name it we tasted it. And it got to us, even the glee kids amazing rendition of "don't stop believin" couldn't crack through. A fellow classmate even accused my bad attitude of preventing our cheese bread from rising. Thank goodness God sent me an angel this week and his name is Zack Morris. Seeing him on Jimmy Fallon wearing the same acid washed jeans talking about the max, kelly kapowski, the beach club, his brick phone and singing the hit song "friends forever" by the zack attack was just what I needed to get through this class. This week my attitude was saved by the bell.

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  1. Yeah... I'm calling BS on the Vegan Sugar! Show me documentation where mass produced sugar is being ground with bones!