Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Would you eat here?

Our big project this quarter is to make our own dessert menu, cost and review the nutrition, design the menu and then for the final make the desserts and present them.

I feel a little like I'm competing in a figure skating contest because I have to fit in all these "required elements" but I finally put the puzzle together and came up with my top 5, most cohesive dessert choices, here they are:

Chocolate Truffle Cake
This dark truffle cake is glazed with an orange-chocolate ganache and served with orange scented whipped cream and a bacon maple crisp, our ode to having cake for breakfast.

Pear Bread Pudding
This warm bread pudding is filled with roasted pear and hints of cardamom all drizzled with blue ribbon pear honey and vanilla sauce.

Lemon Cloud 9
We’ve layered vanilla cake with tangy lemon curd, a touch of raspberry and encased the entire cake in a cloud of meringe toasted a light, golden brown.

Tropical Vacation
Layers of grilled pineapple, coconut rum cream and puff pastry are accented with a passion fruit sauce and a macadamia nut dust for a light, airy treat.

Peanut Butter & Jelly for Grownups
Light, whipped peanut butter mouse and a little chocolate ganache are sandwiched between peanut sponge cake and served with blackberry ice cream and chocolate covered potato chips, a grown-up version of cake for lunch.

Now it's time to test out my ideas and see if they really work, who would have thought hearing that cheer at all those hockey games would become this cake-eater's menu inspiration. Here's to becoming part of the million dollar bunch!

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