Friday, August 14, 2009

Practice Almost Makes Perfect

I guess Grace was right, practice does make perfect, almost. I showed you how it all turned out but I didn't tell you how it got there. Just like last time I immediately went into top chef intensity on day one and I'm worried I made my dishes too complicated, too many parts and pieces, did I just pull a Blaize? Will I choke even though I'm most likely to have the best presentation (yeah, I said it, I'm at the top and I want to win). That was the bus ride internal monologue. Once I got to school it was time to suck it up and figure out how to get it done.

Some things went great (thanks to Lisa and her recipe for the best flourless chocolate torte ever) some things not so great but that's what weeds out the weak—figuring out how to make it work. I had marshmallow fluff that melted, cake that didn't turn out quite right (I personally think Armond put the wrong flour in the cake flour bin—it was yellow—Leave it to Armond to sabotage me) but I still made it all work. I did set a record for sweatiest t-shirt of the quarter (sorry you had to read that but it's all part of the experience isn't it?), fully soaked. Three days of running around with internal panic but I finished early and pulled it off.

The cherry on top was the placemat for the pear cardamom bread pudding. I know that put me over for chef. I saw her reading it when she thought I wasn't looking. Yeah, she liked it. She loved the jars as the container and the blue ribbon pear honey story (thank you Lisa again). Best of show. Looks like all those years doing design finally paid off. Well, here's a closer look of each of them.

Bacon Maple Tuiles were a hit, even though God and his excessive heat and humidity made them soft. MMMMMM bacon.

Pina Colada Napolean. The corriander made it so good (that's three for Lisa).

Damn lemon torte, cake that wasn't quite right and curd that wasn't thick. I just prayed it stayed together. Figures it would annoy me since it's original name was cloud nine... cursed.

A friend did question the chips with the PB & J, I told him you always get chips with your sandwich! "Maybe in Edina but we never did". Cake-eaters rule.

My all time favorite. Best tasting, best presentation (that's four for Lisa).

Final thought... I guess fate knew what it was doing all those years ago when I became friends with that girl at church who liked to cook and be the best at everything too. I officially share my A (if that's what I got) with Lisa, at least half of this is her's! Thanks Lis, here's to food and friends making a crappy week seem just a little bit better.


  1. Yes, you always have chips with your Sandwich. Perhaps your friend grew up in Richfield.

  2. Might I add, that the best thing to have with a PB & J sandwhich, and this is in discussion with Nathan many years ago, is Nacho Cheese Doritos. Just an F.Y.I. For next time.