Friday, September 11, 2009

Better Than Tony

Let me tell you, there is nothing better for boosting your self esteem and self worth than going back to school as an adult. I mean really, having people tell you that you're the best is just great. And (this is the best part) it's not that hard! Yup, it's easy. I don't know why it's so much easier now that when I was 18 but it is. It's amazing how a little work, organization and well designed homework (it's all about making something look pretty) can make you the star of the class. Those kids have just not figured it out yet.

Now, lets remember exactly what and where I'm going to school for: culinary at a school that is currently trying to get accreditation. We're not talking CIA or French Culinary in New York. This is the place where one students answer to "why did you decide on Art Institutes" during orientation was, and I quote: "because I couldn't get into that other school". Yes. We're honest here at AI. Now I don't know if he was referring to Le Cordon Bleu (which I personally couldn't attend just for the fear I'd have to pronounce the french name correctly) or MCAD (which is the snooty-artsy-fartsy design school that I refused to hire anyone from) but the fact he wasn't smart enough to keep that to himself shows you what I'm up against in class. Hence, why I feel so smart. It's like I'm in school with 3rd graders.

I'm in practice school. It's not master program or heaven forbid some fancy doctorate program that you have to work at (just as Lisa and Alicia). I'm in a school that teaches you how to wash your hands so you don't poison people. I actually figured that out in elementary school. The fact I can do that AND make something look good is so above and beyond they just don't know what to do. I mean, I can do dishes without being asked! What, she thinks too? Do you see the pattern here?

No wonder I'm the star. I love being the big fish (literally) in a tiny, tiny, tiny pond. Again, this is the best self-esteem booster I've ever had. It makes up for all those nerd-ridden years of high school where I wasn't even cool enough to be in a tier. I rode the school bus and played the violin, need I say more? Even in college I wasn't aware enough to snap out of it. True, I had friends and came off as the snooty girl from cake-eater land but I wasn't even smart enough to know I was perceived that way, it was just because I was so painfully shy. Here I am, finally, at the ripe age of... well never mind... finally tier one at my school. If only they had prom.

Now, this may be a bit more expensive that attending a Tony R. weekend event, but let me tell you, it's so much better. Not only do you feel good about yourself and have people tell you're amazing, you don't have to walk over coals or be fearful the giant is going to talk to you. I highly recommend this esteem booster to any and all. You too can feel good about yourself in 12 months or less (is that a book title?) and all the while get to eat yummy food. Hi, my name is stephanie and I'm cool. Never thought I'd say that in my lifetime. Well done AI.

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