Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 1

On Monday we started working on the final project by coloring our fondant (if necessary) for the bases of our cakes. I did. Of all the parts, pieces and tasks of my cake this was the one I was least worried about. After all, I've been color matching for decades (and getting paid to do it).

If I can get china to print PMS542 blue correctly on thousands of cards (and mind you, it took years to get to that point including two trips to that food-forsaken country) I can color 6 pounds of fondant to match my paint chip.

Done. Perfect. "Right on the nuggies" as an old printer friend used to say. I was pretty proud of myself. God would get me back for the pride, just you wait. But on my checklist of tasks the first item is done and I am on my way.

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