Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 2

God is a fair God. You do something well and gloat about it, praise yourself and look out, it always comes back around. You'll pay for it, trust me.

The next step in my cake process was wrapping my three Styrofoam layers with the colored fondant, easy enough. I've wrapped plenty of cakes and on practice day I had no issues whatsoever, this will be a snap... or so I thought.

Top layer... roll out the fondant, check. Add a little corn syrup to the Styrofoam to get it to stick, check. Lay the fondant on the center of the, wait, nononono no no, not there, it's sticking, I can't pull it up! what the F! Ugh, crap, now it's peeling in chunks. Get it off, get if off!!!! It won't come up. ok, I'm done. it's a mess. what do I do?! One 6" Styrofoam cake covered in lumps of fondant. That's what I get for gloating about my perfect color.

Top layer, round 2.... Smooth out the hot mess I created in round 1, check. Roll out the fondant, check. Skip the devil corn syrup that sticks to everything. Lay the fondant on top and smooth over, check. Seal the bottom with a little syrup, check. Phew. I got it done with just a few minor imperfections.

Ok, I'm going to try one more.

Middle layer... roll out fondant, check. Lay fondant on center of form and smooth out, check. Smooth out and trim excess, check. Seal the bottom... wait, crap, what!!! I leaned into the form and gouged the top edge perfectly with my coat buttons. Too deep to smooth, I have to start over. That's it, I'm done for the day. I told you, he's a fair God.

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