Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It has begun!

The reason I came to school, cake decorating. I'm 4 weeks and and starting on the final project, a 3 tier wedding cake of my own design. I really struggled with a, I don't have an ultimate cake design in my head (just like I have no plan, no goals, but that's a whole other topic). I need a style, theme, dress, flower choice, location and then I can create.

So I bought some magazines and came up with three designs:
1. Mid-century modern, a nod to mad men with it's clean, modern lines and a dress that reminds me slightly of Pantsy (my mom). Inspired by layered graphics, a wooden console that reminded me of our old hi-fi (that's a record player for all of you born after 1970) and a pair of stylized owls done in modeling chocolate.

2. Modern Petals, based on this amazing Monique Lhuillier dress I found with a cascade of petals. Simple in design but difficult in execution. As you can see I love the concept of a floral pommander (that flower ball thing) on top. I've been obsessed with them for years.

3. Louis XIV Gone Mad. It's hard to grow up in the house I did and not have hidden somewhere a love for this style. Grace loved it. French provencial, Queen Anne, and all the Louis. I had pulled these pillows and settee out of a magazine years ago and stashed it in my "cool things" folder (doesn't everyone have one of these?) knowing I would use this inspiration someday. I found a dress that matched and the formal, fancy french concept was complete.

I reviewed the concepts with my Chef and I knew what she would choose, not only because of style but of difficulty. I'll let you guess for a bit and feel free to chime in on your favorite.

I started it this week, and it's due next and you know it needs to be perfect in all aspects so I'll try to keep you updated on progress as we go. After all, this is the culmination of my journey, making a cake that can be sold as a professional work. Did I just have a goal? Phew. Maybe I'm not as broken as I thought I was.

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