Friday, September 11, 2009

My 5 Year Plan

It's finally here, the class I've been waiting for—cake decorating. This was why I decided to go to school, to learn how to make amazing wedding cakes. This was going to be my new direction in life. I love it. I love my class, the chef is great and I'm working with people that are fun and smart, well most of them (the majority of "re-tarders" are in the other section). I think my classmates like me but I've never been good at gauging my popularity at school (shall we discuss me telling everyone in kindergarten they were stupid because they couldn't read? Yeah, that cemented my popularity). I have seen a withering glance or two my direction during practice but let's just hope this shining "late-bloomer" personality (as Jodi calls it) overshadows my spirit-crushing need to be the best.

I finally feel like I could do this, for real. Not just some dorky girl in a kitchen making a birthday cake for a friend on the weekend but for real (translation: I can charge money). Really? I'm not ready for this, I like playing at school, this is my happy-fun time. I don't want to be a part of the working world getting a paycheck and contributing. Yuk. I like learning and making things and having people tell me I'm great. You just don't get that very often in the real world.

A friend of mine asked what my 5 year plan was (he was technically asking about my 5 year car plan but disguised it as caring about my life) and I was stumped. I don't have one. Never have. Now I'm panicking because I know I need one. What am I going to do? Do I have the guts to go out on my own or should I take the safe route and get a job. And that's assuming I can get a job, who wants to hire some old lady? Ugh. When did pantsy crawl into my head and start talking? Snap out of it Kissner! Cakes, the whole reason this blog exists, to be creative with my favorite thing (food, I mean have you looked at me recently?) and make people happy. There's got to be a place out there that wants to do the same, right? I'll find it. But in the mean time I'm open for suggestions on that 5 year plan.

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