Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spicolli Returns

Fast times at Art Institutes. Yesterday we had spicolli in class and he came just short of ordering pizza to ward off the munchies. Yes, my little friend that I named Jew-Dude (JD for short) gave me the quintessential art school moment.

Each of us had to interview a wedding cake bakery, write a paper and then present that paper orally in class yesterday. It's a simple project, the chef gave us the list of 14 questions to ask and have answered, very straight forward. Everything was going well and we were cruising through until JD, he was last, but certainly not least.

There he stood, in front of the class with bloodshot eyes and speaking at half speed. "Dude, I totally did my project on so-and-so's because my bro Joe works there, dude. It was awesome. I was stoked to see all the stuff they had." He was 100, one-hundred percent stoned. And if I can point that out you know how obvious it was.

There were giggles, smiles and people eventually couldn't look at him for fear of laughing. It almost became sad when the teacher started to point out the missing information, even she gave up so he could finish as soon as possible. As amusing as it was for all of us, we all knew he needed to finish to go snack on something to get through the rest of class.

It was finally done and we all took a break, one classmate said all he could do was hear "buffalo soldier" over and over in his head. I think bob himself heard that request because when we returned from break and turned on the radio what did we hear? Yup, Buffalo Soldier. Dude, that was awesome. Sometimes I love these art school kids, they never cease to amuse and amaze.

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