Monday, January 11, 2010

Anatomy Lesson for an EMT

Ever wondered how those shaped cakes come into being? No, not by baking it in pan that you can buy in aisle 4 at Michaels and cover with thousands of frosting stars. In my mind it's an art form. Sculpture. The only kind I'm successful at (shall we discuss my failed attempt at pottery in college, no more clay for me). Here's my most recent cake, an ambulance, along with some step by step shots.

Create a 3-d Plan (a little package design experience does help)
Bake the cake, make the frosting
Arrange the cake into layers and chill
Carve the basic shape
Cover with buttercream (with real butter) and chill
Carve and refine the shape of the buttercream
Cover in fondant, stack and chill
Decorate and deliver

An ambulance cake for Tammy's 50th birthday complete with custom license plates.

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